QU-V10 Visual Inspection Light

QU-V10 Visual Inspection Light

Medium Inspection flashlight - Dust has nowhere to hide!
Small but mighty – A flashlight small but bright as an HID lamp!
It assists the simple visual inspection of fixtures and the working environment or checks for the scope of dust adhesion. The flashlight is small and equipped with a Lithium-ion battery. It is easy to carry around and ready for deployment at any time!
In paint spraying, printing, precision assembly, and film manufacturing, defects often occur on product surfaces. These defects could be due to suspended particles and dust on fixtures or equipment and prevented through beforehand visual inspection. Usually, only particles larger than 90µm in diameter are visible with the naked eye. The smaller particles causing defects, for example, during paint spraying, might be only 10μm in diameter and not visual. Visual Inspection Flashlight U1 Series is an illuminator specially designed for assisting visual inspection and easily make particles causing defects visible. Inquiry
Product Description
How is it different from other illuminators?

Compared with HID light
Due to its principle of function, HID light always wastes a specific portion of the energy. When an HID lamp ages, it requires additional voltage for a warm-up, and the lumen deteriorates. An HID lamp heats up during lighting, and the temperature could cause concerns for burns. Besides, no matter how compact an HID lamp is, it is still bigger and heavier than an LED lamp. QU-V10 uses small and efficient LED light. LED light has a flash of remarkably high quality and generates no heat during lighting.
Compared with other LED inspection lights
QU-V10 is specially designed for assisting visual inspection and differs from other LED inspection lights on the market. QU-V10 produces glare with straight-line motion. It uses a reflector instead of a lens to focus the light. The reflector ensures that QU-V10 creates a high-quality throw for inspecting dust, regardless of distance. It does not have the problem of a spill of light. Many flashlights on the market use multiple units LEDs to provide additional light, while QU-V10 uses a single-chip light source. Therefore, the light from QU-V10 would not cause the overlap of shadows from dust and easily identify the source of imperfection.
Hand-Held QU-V1
Both QU-V1 and QU-V10 help visually inspect dust. QU-V1 produces only 3W light and has fewer luces, while QU-V10 provides 10W light. QU-V1's light is not suitable for checking a large area or suspended dust. Therefore, QU-V1 is ideal for testing an individual item, while QU-V10 is useful for checking fixtures or large areas.

QU-V10 Product Applications

  • Confirm whether equipment's cleanness is up to the standard.
  • Visualize the airflow, when QU-V10 is used together with an airflow visualization tool.
  • Spot the dust source and emission, and help improve and ensure the cleanness in the working environment.
  • Confirm the cleanness before and after cleaning.
  • Confirm that a surface is dust-free before spray painting or film laminating.
  • Trace and confirm the source of dust (inspection on-site).
Product Specification
QU-V10 Product Specification

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QU-V10 Visual Inspection Flashlight
Product instructions
String/Hard-shell carrying case
Battery/Charging cradle
AC adaptor
Model QU-V10
Materials Aluminum Alloys, Anodized
Light 10W LED
Max. Luminous Flux 900lm
照射距離 300m
Color Temperature 6,700k
Light Lifespan Max. 50,000 Hours
Run Time Per Charge (Max.) 150 Minutes
Switch Rotary switch (Max, 60% output, Strobe)
Size 49(27) (w) x 223(L) mm
Weight Flashlight body 274 g; Battery 47 g x 2
Battery Lithium-ion battery x 2)
Battery Capacity DC3.7V 2600mAh
Charging Voltage (In) AC100~240V
Charging Voltage (Out) DC5V / 1A
Charging Time 3.5 Hours


QU-V10G is QU-V10 plus a green filter lens. The projected aqua color light from QU-V10G can enhance the light contrast and the visibility of coarse particles. QU-V10G makes identifying dust and foreign objects even more accessible. The light is soft and does not hurt the eyes.
*However, please do not look directly into the light to avoid possible eye damage.