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Environment-conscious, Highly Automatic, and Highly Efficient!

GoodAll Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the best turnkey solutions and equipment providers for powder coating and spray painting in Taiwan. Since 1983, GoodAll Industry Co., Ltd. has been designing, selling, and installing automatic spray painting systems for world-renowned manufacturers and fulfilling these customers’ needs with GoodAll’s innovative solutions and excellent service.
Our technical innovation and comprehensive technical support lay the foundation of premium turnkey solutions for automatic spray painting systems and powder coating systems. Our turnkey solutions are highly automated, efficient, and value-added. GoodAll's turnkey solutions keep the factory clean and also take into account the environment and employee health protection. This is why GoodAll's automatic spray painting systems and powder coating systems are trusted by international companies.

Turnkey Solutions Designed by Professional Engineer Team

GoodAll has extensive knowledge and experience not only in designing and manufacturing various painting systems, but also in properties of paints and pigments, as well as materials and automatic conveyor systems. Equipped with specialized know-how in machinery, electrical control, software, and painting material properties, Goodall's skilled engineers are capable of designing well-thought and reliable surface treatment solutions for spraying painting and powder coating.
Our professional engineer team provides all-in-one project management, from the layout drawing to the inspection and test run for the new spray painting system or the powder coating system. During the design and installing process, our software for visualizing and configuring the manufacturing process helps our engineer team fine-tune the design and installation to meet the unique requirement of each painting project.

Customer Oriented Turnkey Solutions for Spray Painting

GoodAll's automatic spray painting systems and powder coating systems have been used in a broad spectrum of industrial painting applications, from furniture, construction, IT, to bicycles, medical equipment, and aerospace. Each GoodAll automatic painting and powder coating turnkey solution is uniquely designed for a customer's specific requirements for product surface treatment.
Our ISO 9001: 2008 certified management system ensures that our solutions meet the customer's requirements and are of high quality. For each customer's order, we work closely with our customers through the following project management stages: engineering planning, machine design, installation assistance, running tests, and technical instructions. Our comprehensive after-sales service provided by engineers is one of the crucial factors that GoodAll becomes the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of spray painting and powder coating turnkey solutions in Taiwan.
Our turnkey solutions are installed by using the in-house GoodAll spray equipment and premium quality components from Japan. For example, GoodAll’s powder painting systems are equipped with parts from well-known Japanese companies such as Asahi Sunac and Parker Ionics as well as equipment from famous Swiss and American brands. Besides, we use electronic control systems from Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi and OMRON.

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